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" The dusk comes down on Montello. That’s the moment for the soundless thought of the hills, with the shadows hanging in the hollows, in the valleys, on the grass, on the streets and the sun, swiftly falling down, is not scurry for its daily departure, but he stops just a while on the top of the highest hills. It’s a moment of great suggestion, thoughts short down into a blending with mind and, rather prying, ask for their part of gratitude.

All the Montello’s elements want to be remembered by the leaving traveller, who is coming back on the plain thinking about the grass and the heroes, about the monuments and the laughter in the osterias, about the peace of that evening, coloured by purple nostalgia, that promises a suddenly return.
Montello grows drowsy, thinking about its ancient memories, about the things and facts passed by years and years of history and looking forwards what is going to happen under tomorrow’s sun; and it stays there softly, as the first sentry of the plain, telling fairy tales and ancient and new legends to river Piave”

Montello is beloved by wine, food and mushroom experts. Its morainic hills (high no more than 400 mt) are crossed by the “dorsale” (a panoramic street that run along the ridge) and the “prese”, many little streets marked by numbers, that goes from dorsal to the plain. The Montello area is located in the municipality of Crocetta del Montello, Giavera, Montebelluna, Nervesa and Volpago: it has a surface of 6.000 hectare, with 2.500 hectare of wood and the higest point at 360 mt.
Montello is famous for the fist Worl Word (1915-1918): after Caporetto defeat, Italian Army withdrew on Montello and River Piave. In this area, Italian Army defeated Austrian Army. Many monuments (The Ossuary; Francesco Baracca’s grave) and museum remembers the events and the fallen of that glorious and bloody period.
* Hotel Posta offers to its guests many brochures and booklets to discover the Montello and its surroundings.

Excursions bike rental:

Green areas supplied for pic-nic, with parking:

  • Area next to Sacello F.Baracca (road 2)
  • Croda Rossa
  • S.S.Angeli next motocross (road 7)
  • S.Maria della Vittoria (road 13)
  • Ciano del Montello
  • Colonna dal Re (road 16)
  • Area along the ridge (the dorsale) (road 17)
Areas supplied for barbecue:
Roads 4-7-14-16-18

Botanical and woody areas:
  • Oak wood (road 8)
  • Roccolo "Dal Molin" (road 8)
  • Durmast, chestnuts and hornbeam wood (road 11)
  • Durmast and chestnuts wood "Porta" (road 12)
  • Durmast and chestnuts wood (road 14)
  • Durmast and birch wood (road 17)
  • Durmast and chestnuts wood (road 17)
  • Forest Ranger nursery (road 18)
  • Sperimental nursery "Casa Vanetti" (road 18)
  • Roccolo (road 18-20)
  • Conifer wood next to Villa Pisani (road 19)
  • Chestnuts wood along the ridge (road 19)
Gastonomic itinerary
The Montello offers many different places to taste the typical gastronomy: natural food and genuine wine in a wholesome nature.

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